Implementing remote work offers multiple benefits to companies, reducing fixed costs in services, equipment and space, as well as to their employees.

However, there are two main fears that prevent many organizations from adopting a remote working practice: the fear of sharing confidential information and the fear that employees will decrease productivity by working from a place outside the office.

WABA eliminates these fears making possible a secure remote working environment.

WABA is software that uses the most powerful technology on the market to keep confidential information protected and improve productivity levels.

By using this tool you will have the possibility to choose the way in which the information is handled by employees, so you will not have to worry about having confidential data leaks.

The solution has access controls that allow you to choose and monitor both web pages and applications that employees use during working hours, giving you the peace of mind that they are investing time correctly. In addition,WABA generates usage reports so you know the habits of workers in detail and support them to increase their productivity.

WABA is also an ideal tool for companies interested in optimizing and improving processes on workstations.

Download our application and realize why WABA is the best option to improve the productivity of your company!

estrategias para teletrabajar


Know which are the most visited URL´s and most used applications.

incrementar productividad


Stop worrying, and secure the information your employees access!

trabajadores eficientes


Improve your employees quality of life and their wellness.

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