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Remote working is the option that allows you to work from the comfort of your home and increase your quality of life. By working from home, you will have greater freedom in managing your time so it would be easy to find balance between work and leisure activities.

This is a reality because what is really evaluated is the effective fulfillment of tasks and not the hours you are spent in front of a computer. In addition, a work model like this allows you to save some time that can be invested in your wellbeing, instead of being sited in an office.

However, working from home has some challenges like avoiding distractions and controlling the pressure of working extra to avoid the idea that not being in the office means that you’re wasting time on personal activities.

If you want to become a remote worker that enjoys all the benefits that this model offers, WABA is the best tool for you.

WABA limits distractions by allowing administrators to define only web pages and applications that are useful to your work during the session. This way, employees can be more focused and finish the tasks in a shorter time, which translates into more time to share with their family, friends or just to finally get in charge of your favorite hobby.

In addition, thanks to work reports provided by WABA, remote workers will not have to worry about proving, with extra work, that they invest the time correctly. Reports are also helpful to employees, allowing them to understand their routines and avoid negative habits such as procrastination.

Take WABA to your business and increase your quality of life and that of your colleagues!

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Stop worrying, and secure the information your employees access!

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Improve your employees quality of life and their wellness.

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