Each year more people become freelancers, a way of working that allows them to give up fixed hours and work for others. People who work in this way can manage their own time and choose from where they carry out their tasks: their home, a cafe, or even the beach.

However, as more people discover the benefits of working as a freelancer, the competition is increasing. To succeed today it is necessary to have a way for you to be different from others, not only in price but also in professionalism.

With WABA, customers have the peace of mind that their confidential information is handled completely securely.

In addition, WABA allows a detailed control of the time invested in each project so that clients can be sure that their order is being developed and you, as a freelancer, can understand if you are managing your time efficiently.

WABA makes you different from your competitors! Download the free trial and tell us how you are doing

control en el teletrabajo
estrategias para teletrabajar


Know which are the most visited URL´s and most used applications.

incrementar productividad


Stop worrying, and secure the information your employees access!

trabajadores eficientes


Improve your employees quality of life and their wellness.

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