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Patent No. US9369439B2
WABA is a System focused on security and productivity for remote workers. Our solution is available on-cloud and on-Premises. 3 different licenses types are available as described here:
You are in control of which applications your employees and suppliers can use when they are connected to your infrastructure.
During WABA's protected sessions you can have a granular control of a web browsing session. Controlling what URL's and pages your employees or suppliers can access. Controlling web access, limits the chances of malicious code infecting your environment.
By knowing how your employees and suppliers work, you will be able to streamline workflows and remove obstacles to enhance your organization's productivity.
Productivity optimization (reports) Data based profiling (configuration), and audit logs.
Clipboard, Cache, shortcuts.
The hardware identifier (HWID) is an alphanumeric code that identifies the authorized machine to run the software, which strengthens the security levels.
You can receive technical support via email.
You can receive technical support using the chat on the website.
Se incluyen todas las características de la licencia ESSENTIALS
Waba allows you to control printing. The administrator can enable this option through the DashBoard.
Waba allows you to control information being stored locally.
Se incluyen todas las características de la licencia PROFESSIONAL
The user can't access the contents of a USB unless the administrator enables this option.
All IP addresses that are not previously configured will be removed from the service when starting Waba.
There is a list of programs that can be administered in Waba. This list is used to block unwanted programs while a user is Wabing.
If your company already has a VPN scheme, Waba supports it, just select its manufacturer and Waba will deploy the authentication interface. The user will do the process he/she already knows to connect to the company's infrastructure.
Waba will be the application running starting Windows or MAC, the user will always work under the protection of Waba.
Waba will delete all information that has been created on the user's device (files, temporary files, images, etc.) from the moment the work session has started until it has ended.
You can receive technical support by contacting us by phone.

Request a demo to test the solution for 15 days or please send us an E-mail to: sales@azuan.com for further information:


controls uptime


secures information


improves the working environment and corporate wellbeing

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